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Several press articles at the end of 2020 reported that rapid antigen tests made up most of the tests that were carried out in the country to detect COVID-19. According to the Hindustan Times, 49% of the 120 million samples analyzed for Covid-19 were carried out with rapid antigen tests.”. May 2020 daily updates of the situation provide figures for both the number of samples analyzed and the number of people analyzed. During this period, the two numbers differ by exactly 981 tests per day, since people under mandatory quarantine are subjected to several tests .

It is unclear whether the outstanding tests or antigen tests are included in the test numbers. The Robert Koch Institute publishes a table that lists a temporary series of weekly updates on the cumulative number of PCR tests performed to date and the proportion lateral flow test of positive tests. If people are tested several times, each test is counted individually. There seem to be delays in reporting weekly numbers, so the numbers increase for a week in the following weeks as the laboratories report additional results.

Call your local doctor, clinic or nurse to test yourself. In none of the between the 29th. Bulletin published in July 2020, we were able to find evidence, with the exception of a bulletin dated 4. July 2020, which reports that 379,701 samples have been tested to date. July 2020, the bulletins make it clear that the test numbers are only related to PCR tests The Vietnam General Department of Preventive Medicine provided COVID-19 bulletins daily, which regularly stated the cumulative number of samples analyzed so far.

It is unclear whether the reported figures contain outstanding test results. The National Center for Public Health in Kazakhstan offers an official time series of the total number of tests carried out so far. The Icelandic Health Department publishes a full time series of tests that are divided into test schemes. No further information is provided. It is unclear whether these numbers contain samples for which test results are still pending.

The number of tests performed includes antigen and PCR tests, as evidenced by the Pan American Health Organization’s bi-weekly status reports. Please note that the number of positive tests is slightly higher than the number of confirmed cases, probably due to the use of multiple tests to confirm a case. We record the last number because the first is only reported once every two weeks. Antigen tests have been carried out since the 19th.

Post-vaccination infection usually leads to mild or even zero symptoms, but your child can still transmit the virus. Children who have received the vaccine or who have had COVID-19 in the past 3 months and have symptoms of COVID-19 after being in close contact with someone who still has it should be tested for an active infection. You may also need a test for other reasons, e.g. Travel, enter a health center before undergoing surgery or in close contact with someone with COVID-19. Tests can also be conducted under the direction of health officials for people who do not experience symptoms but who are involved in a particular outbreak or who live in a gathered environment (p. 22). Long-term care centers, nursing homes, prisons).

Some bulletins indicate the cumulative number of people analyzed along with the cumulative number of samples analyzed. Oddly enough, the accumulated number of people analyzed is greater than the accumulated number of samples analyzed. September 2020, for example, reports that 1,183,341 samples have been analyzed with PCR so far, while it has been reported that 1,358,575 people have been analyzed so far. In addition, in a press release dated 15. March 2021 2,482,302 RT-PCR tests and 3,248,873 people evaluated were reported. An explanation for this discrepancy is therefore that the samples are analyzed several times.

April 2020 available when the total was already 26,331. The Zimbabwean Ministry of Health and Child Care offers daily press releases on its website and Twitter account (@MoHCCZim), which show the cumulative number of tests carried out to date. The reported figures contain positive, negative and outstanding test results. In the case of daily snapshots, the wording for reporting cumulative test numbers does not make it clear whether the reported numbers relate to the number of tests carried out or the number of people assessed. August 2020 reported cumulative test number “1,116,641 tested” (translated from “протестовано”).

The cumulative PCR test numbers in CSV files are usually about 2% smaller than the test numbers in the daily snapshots. The cumulative number of tests in which no PCR is reported in CSV files is much larger than the size of this discrepancy. In October 2020, the Palestinian Ministry of Health published a Facebook state that reported having acquired antigen tests.

If you have no symptoms but are in close contact with someone with COVID-19, follow the test recommendations of your doctor or your public health department. It is best to have a COVID-19 test carried out 5 to 7 days after the person is close with COVID-19. If the test is tested too early, it may not recognize the virus. A fast COVID 19 test, also called an antigen test, detects proteins from the virus that causes COVID-19.

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