Beer Vs Wine

According to a 2011 Harvard study of about 38,000 middle-aged men, those who drank one or two beers daily had a 25% reduction in the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The alcohol content in beer increases insulin sensitivity, which helps prevent diabetes. Beer is also a good source of soluble fiber that plays an important role in the healthy diet of people with diabetes.

Excessive indulgence in beer and other alcoholic drinks can be disastrous for your health. You may also be interested to know that beer can help control blood pressure. According to a Harvard study, women aged 25 to 40 who drank moderate beer had a significantly lower chance of developing high blood pressure compared to women who drank wine or other alcoholic drinks. Contrary to what can be expected, moderate beer consumption is really good for you. Science has shown that beer can provide many surprising health benefits, even though it is generally considered unhealthy.

There are indications that consuming one to four alcoholic drinks per day reduces the risk of heart failure in people aged 65 and over. Although intake of light to moderate beer has potential benefits, heavy intake and excessive alcohol consumption can be extremely harmful. Several studies have shown that mild to moderate alcohol intake appears to reduce insulin resistance, is a risk factor for diabetes, as is the overall risk of developing type 2 diabetes . And compared to those who didn’t drink beer, men who enjoyed one to six beers a week had a 21 percent lower risk of diabetes.

As such, the best drinking beers are containing large amounts of hops, such as pale beers. Some of our favorites are Golden Road Brewing Point the Way IPA and Einstök Icelandic Pale Ale. Please note that even moderate alcohol consumption is not without risks. For example, even light drinkers have lion beer uk a small but real risk of some cancers, such as esophageal cancer. Now that you know the health benefits of drinking beer, how about drinking something today?? But don’t just open beer, get one of these highly recommended beers from our list, which you can also easily request for delivery.

But don’t use it as a license to drink too much this weekend, because excessive alcohol consumption can negatively affect your health. The jury is still out, but studies suggest that a healthy amount of beer can add years to your life because it positively affects cholesterol levels, reduces the risk of diabetes and strengthens your heart. Dietary guidelines for Americans define moderate alcohol consumption as one drink a day for women and up to two drinks a day for men. While research shows that there is room to drink as part of a balanced and healthy diet, they also do not recommend starting to drink if you are currently abstaining.

Money was found for occasional drinkers who kept their consumption in one or two servings of beer, wine or spirits in one day. Beer contains vitamin B6, which protects against heart disease by preventing the build-up of a compound called homocysteine. It has a dilutive effect on the blood and prevents the formation of clots, which cause blockages in the coronary arteries.

Red wine is often celebrated in moderation as a healthy drink, but beer is left as a fattening party drink. Despite this stigma, beer drinkers may want to take a pint for their health. A growing number of studies suggest that moderate beer consumption has a number of health benefits. Some studies even suggest that an IPA is a healthier choice than a merlot.

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