The 10 Best Family Photographers On Maui

Driven by talent and passion, you will be comforted to learn that you will be in good hands for 15 years as a professional photographer to capture your most special moments. Call us and let’s discuss the details of your fairytale wedding in paradise. Lavelyn Lightsey has been a photography enthusiast for as long as she can remember.

Some wedding photo ~ Weddings ~ Portraits ~ Involvement ~ Maternity ~ Special events. Chief photographer Kimberlee Aihara of Aihara Visuals has been photographing weddings in Hawaii for almost a decade. Using Hawaii’s natural light and inspired by the romance of a tropical island, Kim’s goal at her wedding is to document the love, raw excitement and unique details of the day without being pushy. It seems that almost everyone has the mission to capture the perfect action photo during a holiday to share with family and friends. Ziplining offers some unique challenges when it comes to taking perfect action photos.

Edit is where most magic happens and your images come to life. For this reason, family photographers on Maui will never give raw RAW files. All professional photographers will give you a printed launch so you can print and use your photos as you like as long as they are not used for commercial purposes. Okay, that’s a lot of ideas to get started Professional Maui Hawaii Family photographer for your Hawaii family photos. Now you know how to choose the best Maui photographers, what to wear, tips for getting the best family photos in Hawaii. Known for its beautifully vibrant photography, genuine and personalized customer service and positive inspirational personality, Tad Craig is his choice for his Maui wedding or family memories.

Get an idea of what time of day could work best in different places. See what else you can do to put your unique spin in one location. I know it is most stressful to discover what to wear to make family portraits.

Below are some of my favorite photos from some recent Oahu family photography sessions!. Pack the car and set off for a beautiful ride on the northeast side of the island. This panoramic tour has to do with the trip, not the destination.

Since our first zip-line trade trip was organized in Haleakala in 2002, we have taken many zip-line action photos of our guides and our guests. Based on our full year of experience, we’ve put together some of our recommended tips for taking those Insta-worthy photos. Shooting and shooting is fine for one or two people, but in a larger group it can be unpredictable and you can miss that photo where everyone has their eyes open. I always thought, “Hey, it’s digital. I will use the quick shot method and I will certainly do well.”After some eye transplant sessions from one photo to another in Photoshop, I changed my method. You may come out with a weak smile, but if someone seems to be sleeping or drugged in their first family portrait in 10 years, the customer may not be very happy.

Thank you for keeping the memories that will last forever. You want to take as little as possible for the beach photo shoots. During the session we go from one place to another, sometimes quickly, so we want to be as mobile as possible. Sometimes you just stand deep in the water, sometimes you have to stand on a rock wall in front of that cool silhouette that was shot at sunset.

A 60-minute photo shoot with a family photographer from Hawaii works best for families with children. That way there is enough time in case of crisis or emergency, but there is not enough time for children to get bored. If you take multiple generations of family photos with a large family, you want 90 minutes to make sure you get all the photos you want.

Hawaiian-themed shirts and clothes look good when they are not too loud or too busy. View the images on this site and see which styles and colors you like best. The Hawaiian island of Kauai is one of the most important destinations in the world. From the vibrant underwater world to tropical landscapes, the Hawaiian Islands are simply captivating.

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